The Spirit of Resentment


Greetings Readers!

This morning on my way home from dropping off my daughter at school, the Lord spoke the word RESENTMENT.  I couldn’t wait to get home to begin researching the spirit of resentment. So I discovered, that the spirit of resentment is like a poison to the person that it is under the control of the spirit.  This spirit causes the person being oppressed to mainly focus on things that everyone has done to them. If this spirit is allowed to go without being dealt with it creates a very miserable surrounding for it’s host. The host seems angry all the time and no matter how many times he or she is apologized to doesn’t matter.  When others attempt to show them how off base they are they can not see it. They can only see what someone has done to them. It is imperative that we understand and acknowledge the signs of this spirit.  See, it is true that the host was hurt but the host continues to hurt by not desiring to move on.  

Below is a list of negative statements,  a person might be saying if the the spirit of  Resentment is controlling them

1.  You cheated me

2.  They are all out to get me

3. You insulted me

4. You stole from me

5. You Hurt me

6. You rejected me

Do you know someone that is behaving like this? I do, I had been praying for months trying figure out what was wrong with this person. Today, God answered me by speaking the word Resentment. This revelation has opened my eyes to a demonic spirit that I have not had much experience with but the Holy Spirit is our teacher and now He will teach me.

The spirit of resentment is a selfish and self consuming. This spirit causes the one that is being controlled to only think of themselves. The focus of resentment is always someone or some thing outside of ourselves; but it centers around me or I. It all has to do with the way I have been injured, insulted, treated unfairly. Or the way someone hurt me. It’s very selfish, and spiritually consuming.

Now people who are also battling a spirit of addiction are very susceptible to this spirit. The spirit of Resentment mimics a garbage can. It continues to stink up the area by always focusing on them selves. Image

Tune in tomorrow for tidbits on how to break free from the spirit of resentment…



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