Hello Everyone,

I must apologize for the delay in the steps of forgiveness was delayed. We(my family and I) experienced a really bad issue which has created an avenue for FORGIVENESS. We have had to pray and have agreed to seek family counseling. We are merging our family together and family is much like a broken jigsaw puzzle with jagged edges.

Below is a exert which was listed on Psychology Today..

The Nature of Forgiveness

Mustering up genuine compassion for those who have wronged us, instead of allowing anger toward them to eat away at us, is the course of action recommended by most psychologists. An exception to the belief that burying the hatchet brings peace to the soul may be sexual abuse: Some victims of these crimes are empowered when given permission to not forgive.

I spoke with several people to inquire how do they go about the act of FORGIVENESS. It would seem that people feel that forgiveness is something that is completely natural or in this realm only.

I however believe that gift of forgiveness is purely spiritual. First displayed by the Lord Jehovah, in the Garden of Eden. 

Well did you do your homework?  Did you write a list of the ones that have hurt you or those that you have hurt? It is just as important to ask for FORGIVENESS as it is to give the gift of FORGIVENESS..

Now pray this prayer

Lord Jesus by an act of my will I choose to forgive ___________.  I choose to allow the anointing of the Lord Jesus to be applied to my broken heart. I accept that it is my responsibility to FORGIVE and to wait on the Spirit of the Living God to heal all wounds caused by this action. I acknowledge that it will be painful to move from resentment to forgiveness but I will trust you Lord Jesus.






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