Many of us go from day-to-day dealing with emotional bruises. These bruises are caused or generated by deception, infidelity, abuse (physical,sexual,and emotional), or ridicule. See when we have high hopes and dreamy days then the bottom falls out. 

We discover that the person we thought they were does not exist. That maybe they said that they were single and they are married. They maybe said that they love the Lord but seem far from Him. They maybe said that they didn’t drink and are a secret alcoholic. Someone promised to love honor and cherish and has since become abusive physically and emotionally. All of these are examples of the types of actions that create wounds in our soul. Which requires inner healing to make us whole again.

These wounds are much like a gunshot wound that heals very slowly. Once the wound has healed it remains sensitive for a very long time. The person never really forgets that they had been shot and may develop a phobia regarding guns because of the wound.

We are the same in like manner once someone has hurt us spiritually we never forget it. We confess that we have forgiven them but we remain sensitive to the experience. We become afraid to trust and drive people away from us.

Pray this prayer with me

Lord please heal me from the inside out. Restore my soul O Lord. Heal my inner parts O Lord. Lord lose the spirit of iniquity from me. Lord bind the Spirit of Healing. I accept your gift of divine healing. I decree that I am whole. I am being restored. 


3 comments on “HEALING FOR THE SOUL

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