Hello Guys,

My beloved eldest son would like to take his jab at blogging..Give him some love!!

One of the many things that people tend to go through are struggles with cheating and the affect that it has on relationships. For example, like how men and women get blamed for cheating.  Even though nothing is going on..but the ones who are actually cheating never get blamed. I believe that’s because the one cheating know’s how to blame the other one. This seems to keep the cheater looking like he or she is actually the victim even tho they are actually the one being cheated on.

Know this type of accusation all to well!!! What are your thoughts??




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  4. before you can blame u
    your partner for cheating , you to check if the fault comes from u, becouse if you are not there wen ur partner do need u, such can need to cheat

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