God’s Gift To Man (males and females)



What is Salvation? It is the best gift that God gave to man..We are a sinful people on our way to eternal damnation. We could not salvage ourselves from the effects of sin.  Well I guess we need to define sin. Sin is a transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate.

Now SALVATION IS = the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc. 2. the state of being saved or protected from harm, risk, etc. 3. refers to the act of God’s grace in delivering his people from bondage to sin and condemnation, transferring them to the kingdom of his beloved

Because of Salvation, we can receive this gift which will allow us to spend eternity with God instead of away from Him. Now understand, the only ones that can receive this gift are the ones that have accepted CHRIST JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOR. The Bible teaches us that those who received Him ..He gave the power to become the Sons of God. Read the scripture reference below:

john 1:12 King James Version (KJV)

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
If you have never asked Jesus to come into your life and you would like to ..No better time like the present…
“Jesus I am a sinner. I have sinned against you and all that is good. Please come into my life and make me new. Save me from eternal damnation and give me the gift of Salvation. I thank you that I am now save and You have given me the power to become one of God’s children..
Coyfee out..tune in next time for an interesting topic..what??? I don’t know but I do know it will be interesting???



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