Hello folks,

For those that remember this tv show-Hulk; I felt just like him.  How out of control he would get when he got angry. He, David Bannerman, would turn into this huge green monster. He would destroy everything in its place..mostly the bad guy. Nevertheless, he would try with all his might to control the anger which would escalate to rage. However, he never could.  

Now I wasn’t that bad but boy I felt like I was close. So here’s the skinny on what happened earlier today.

Oh my goodness, I am so very angry right now. I went to visit a frequent chat room today. Nothing to deep but there was this lady in the room that decided to pick on me. She was talking about my pictures and posting them the room. I became so angry that I could hardly contain it. I need a scripture to calm me down and what I was finally able to receive was “be angry and sin not..”

I wanted to use profanity.. just destroy her with my words but the Lord reminded me of who I am. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the pictures but she desperate to discredit me. I am a full curvy woman ..no shame to that. I love good food and never over do it. I however love to play with the camera so I take a lot of pictures. I have had this profile for a very long time and so I have a lot of pictures on the site..Some maybe a bit spicy but no nude or lewd pictures.

I posted about it the experience and left the site. I was so angry that I could not confront her that I wanted to scream..Witch!!! why are bothering me…I will be honest the other word flashed before my eyes but I held on to my composer.


How is it that I allowed someone who is not even important to bring me to this type of anger? I was asking myself. Even now and about 30 minutes have passed my blood is still boiling. Yes, I know I belong to GOD. I know He is love. I know that I am to be light to them that dwell in darkness. I know that I am to turn the other cheek when someone strikes me. I know this girl is probably lost but Lord I am just now starting to calm down and think righteously.

I am His servant even on a Sunday afternoon. I am the light shining in the darkness. The light on a hill. The one praying for the salvation of the unsaved. I am his daughter and I desire to do His will. I need to watch as well as pray. Cause I wasn’t thinking about anything negative at all.  I visit the rooms to on different sites to invite people to view the blog and also to gather research about upcoming topics.

I can really say I understand and do have the greatest of compassion for the young ones who have been bullied online. Who have been embarrassed and have been hurt by those who have had their hearts broken. 

Nonetheless, I reported the girl but that will probably not do anything to cause her to not treat anyone this way again.

To the word…

Ephesians 4:26

King James Version (KJV)

26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

If anger has been a problem let’s us pray together:

Lord, forgive me for the anger that rose up in my heart. Help me to always offer good in place of evil. Give me the strength that comes from the Holy Spirit to over the evil that comes from Satan.

Thank you for washing me from the stains of this world and transforming me into one that has power to over evil.


Coyfee out..until next time…



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