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Dating -Men or women with children. Let’s see what our followers had to say about this topic? This is suppose to be a page for guys to write how they feel but since many women have desired to chime in..I have welcomed them..

 Responses from my Facebook followers
  • Coyfee Dating guys and girls with children is tomorrow’s topic..Folks tell me how you feel about dating guys and girls with children in the house..How would you handle it if your partner did not get alone with your children? Talk to me??
      Sanders McElroy likes this.
      Sanders McElroy U gotta let the children know not to get involved with grown folks business
    •  Thanks Sanders..nice to have you join us..
       Do you mind if I post your response in tomorrow’s blog
      Sanders McElroy I don’t mind.
      Bethany Morris Coming from a person who has had step parents I will say that the kids need to learn to respect the adults in the situation but the adults need to respect the children too because they have been there longer and are not going anywhere so the adults don’t need to act like children when something doesn’t go their way and the children need to understand that the adults are new at it too… just the way I felt when I went through it with my parents..
      Bethany Morris And to answer your question if I felt he was the one for me I would explain to both him and the kids that one this is my relationship and I want him here and two that these are my kids so if there is a problem tell me first b4 you do anything and I will address the issue..
      I personally agree with both of our followers. They are both right. However, in the midst of attempting to bond to someone that often seems prepared for parenting, most would rather leave the partner and keep looking. As a single parent myself, I have left many relationships because the guy did not seem to be parent material. The stress of being in a relationship with someone that does not have the same values that I have (regarding) the children was far more than I could handle.
      Now I am in a similar situation, often wondering what steps to take to attempt to create this wonderful imagined family. None seem to come to mind, I have teenagers which seems to be more difficult in general. The guy seemed to expect these perfect little people that acted like adults when sometimes he acted like a really big kid himself. 
      So tune in to find out how this real life soap opera evolves…
      Coyfee out…
      Remember if you have a topic that you would like to chime me..this page is all about you.. or

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