10 % OF YOUR DAY!!!!

Hello Folks,

I was recently thinking about the ‘Tithe‘. Now for those that are not familiar with what the ‘Tithe’ is? Here’s a definition: 

Tithe-One tenth of annual produce or earnings given 

Since God has instructed His people to give 10 percent of everything He has blessed  us with, could He want 10 percent of our time? Could it be possible that we need give 2 hours and 40 minutes in service to the Lord in some way? Think about your day and night for a moment.  What is your day like? What do you spend the most of time doing?  Here is a list of time wasters. Which ones apply to you? 

1. Lack of planning, prioritizing and focus.

2. Procrastination.

3. Interruptions.

4. Lack of delegation.

5. Meetings.

6. Not saying ‘No’.

7. Facebook

8. Video games

9. TV

10. Sleep

How much time do you spend on the above really? Over the next few weeks I am encouraging you to take a mental note of how much time you spend on any of the above? Also how much time do you spend witnessing to unbelievers? Feeding the homeless? Running errands for the elderly? Visiting the ill in nursing homes or hospitals? 

How much time do you spend doing the work of the ministry? It doesn’t matter if you are a lay member. God stated that we are the BODY of CHRIST… meaning a member of the BODY has a special gift and we should be using it.

Make a mental note to give 2 hours and 40 minutes of your precious time in service to the LORD>>>

The word needs it…



Coyfee out!!!



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