Well guys it’s been a while since we discussed the SPIRIT OF DIVISION.  I hope everyone remembers that this is the Spirit that works behind the scene to cause separation.  This spirit is dreadful and it is one the most mis-understood spirits ever.  This spirit is responsible for causing divorces, sibling rivalry, church splits, break ups, and business failures.

One of ways the spirit deceives is with the lack of communication.  I discover this ploy within my own family. I would say one thing and Mr. Big would hear something completely different. Also vice verse, he would say something and I would hear something completely different.  We have committed to use a concept called mirroring.  When he tells me something I will repeat it to him to make sure I understand what he actually meant.  I will let you know how this works for us.

 Back to the lesson…

Now that we have reviewed a bit, tell me have you done your homework? Did you review the list of symptoms? I have found that the spirit of division seems to always work.  The spirit likes to make itself at home with spirits of religion, pride, idolatry, selfishness, unforgiveness and some others that we will discuss later in the blog series.

I want to make you aware that the way to overcome is three fold.  Body (actions), Mind(thoughts) and Soul (spiritual).  


The body focuses on actions such as if someone has physically hurt you.  Maybe touched you in a certain way and this creates a split or divide with others like.  If a woman was abused,  she may not be able to be joined in a healthy relationship with another person.  Now, she is left alone or thinks she prefers to be left alone.  We are weaker when we are alone BECAUSE  the BODY OF CHRIST is a group of believers not just one.


It has been said that the MIND is a terrible thing to waste..not sure who said it but I remember it from a commercial.  I want to focus on the way the enemy fills our minds with negative thoughts about everyone and everything.  When the spirit of division is allowed to run free; it cause great havoc.  The person is always thinking that someone is against them.  Everything is against them.  What ever wrong is done is thought to be done on purpose.  This will soon push the person to a place solitude though the person desperately needs to be in the fellowship of other believers.


This one is bit tricky because for the novice, they will find demons in everyone.  This causes them to be afraid or uneasy around everyone.  Also, they will make others uneasy as they can not see where they are wrong.  They are unable to discern their own behavior and how that behavior is the absolute opposite of GOD.  They do not read the word but focus solely on what they are hearing.  Now the word is clear that we are to test the spirit to see if it is of GOD.  They however will not make any attempt to test the spirit because they have allowed pride to set in and  they of course can not be corrected.


Friends, my sole solution is PRAYER…I know someone is thinking that all I talk about is PRAYER..well, you are right.  PRAYER, is our first line of defensive and study of the word will strength your discernment.  

The prayer:

Lord, thank you that I am being filled with Your Spirit.  I invite the Holy Spirit into me to wash and cleanse me MIND, BODY and SOUL.  Thank you Lord, that I have the mind of CHRIST.  Thank you that I am a part of the Body of CHRIST.  Thank you Lord, you have restored my SOUL.


COYFEE is out… 




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