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We are talking about Dwight. He is known as superman but his last season looks like he has come in contact with Kryptonite. Read below what one columnist had to say about him.



Searching for Dwight Howard

The uncertain destiny of the self-proclaimed Superman can be broken down into 10 simple realities

By Bill Simmons on May 24, 2013

You know where this is headed. Unless Patrick Beverley comes flying out of the stands to take out LeBron James or Tony Parker, we’re getting a history-altering Heat-Spurs showdown. Can Miami finish off one of the greatest basketball seasons ever played? Can the Spurs win their fifth title while breaking the record for “Most times a fan base irrationally claimed that everyone hated them”? Will LeBron officially join the “Greatest Player Ever” conversation? Will Tim Duncan officially hijack “Best Player of His Generation” status from Kobe Bryant? Will Gregg Popovich forge his way onto the NBA Coaching Mount Rushmore? Will Chris Andersen break the record for most casual viewers who said the words, “My God, look at those tattoos!”

It would be a Finals teeming with story lines — including another 12 good ones that I left out — and if there’s anything that sucks right now about the playoffs, it’s next round’s inevitability after just three Round 3 games. Pacers fans will spend the summer muttering, “Why did he take Hibbert out?” Grizzlies fans will spend the summer muttering, “I don’t mind that we traded Rudy Gay, but jeez, couldn’t we have gotten a little more?” And that will be that.1

So screw it, let’s dive into the most polarizing NBA topic in years: the Dwight HowardSweepstakes, a worthy successor to Bachelor Pad as 2013’s most unpredictable summer series. Here’s a text exchange I had with someone who works for one of the 30 NBA franchises. I thought it summed everything up.

Him: “U writing about Dwight soon?”

Me: “Think so. Would u go near him?”

Him: “FUCK NO.”

Me: “What if he wanted to sign with u?”

Him: “Maybe.”

Me: “Maybe?”

Him: “I guess we’d have to.”


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