Hello guys this is coyfee and it’s been quite a while since I visit with you guys but I do have a topic that I think is quite interesting.
Topics of discussion: Hypocritical

Okay let’s take a look at what does it mean to be a hypocrite or hypocrital? My interpretation of being a hypocrite is one that holds people to a higher standard than themselves. Example saying that I hate drunks but secretly drink too much myself.

Mark 7:6 AMP

But He said to them, Excellently and truly [so that there will be no room for blame] did Isaiah prophesy of you, the pretenders and hypocrites, as it stands written: These people [constantly] honor Me with their lips, but their hearts hold off and are far distant from Me.

After reviewing that Scripture.. think hard .. tell the truth! Have you found yourself in this predicament? I think being a hypocrite is one of those things that we often overlook but I truly believe is very important.

Most people seem to find that it is very easy to focus on other people ..on the other person doing whatever it is that the other people has messed up or have missed. But that is drawing attention away from ourselves. Stating that the mirror which is God’s Word. If we look in it we will find out what we have missed. I will find out what I have been doing which is not pleasing to Him and hopefully will be moved to compassion. Then confession!

Yeah think we’ve had enough time to think about it. Have you been guilty of being a hypocrite?
If so pray with me…
Lord, please forgive me for placing standards on others that I myself have not been living up to..please forgive me and please reveal to me the areas that I need change..

NOW if you have never accepted Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior..Pray these words-Lord save me for I have sinned. Forgive me and give me your precious Holy spirit..Thank you!

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