Teens’ Words of Wisdom

Teens Have Words Of Wisdom for Us

                              Since they know everything..

Todays topic…


This year’s election was a landslide for both sides. Most teens of the age 13-17 have a huge impact and opinion when it comes to politics.   I feel we (teens) should be able to vote.  It is “our” future too!.  My high school does a pseudo election for all of the [vacant positions in office.   When results  came back, 3 quarters of my school had voted.  Not just because  we were told to do so ..but because we wanted too!

 We are taught at the age 14 to get into politics and watch the news. Whether its CNN or just the local news , to learn about the environment around us. Those who will control, damage, or assist us in the near future should be accountable to us (the teens population) NOW.

Giving us a voice is like giving us a brand new iPhone 5.! We will cherish it (a voice) until its time to invest into a new one.  So the older generation  should take our interest into politics in consideration. By  helping us to understand the political lifestyle and how it works.

thanks have a blessed day,

sincerly  La’Paridise

(Coyfee’s oldest twin daughter)



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