Healing for the Broken Heart

King James Bible
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised..Luke 4.18-

I was recently pondering the state of my heart. My mom passed and my sister did not tell me. She has made it really difficult for me to see my mom. She lied on me to my mom and well my mom believed her. These things broke my heart. I longed for a good relationship with my mom. Something like what I have with my daughters but I never really had that. I wondered how I would ever mood past this pain. I have the answer. It is directly from the mouth of the Lord, he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted.

My broken heart was so important to God that he sent his son, personally.

Ponder these things..

we wil visit this topic in a more in dept manner but I want to delve into this topic slowly.

Signing off with Coyfee…



Hello guys this is coyfee and it’s been quite a while since I visit with you guys but I do have a topic that I think is quite interesting.
Topics of discussion: Hypocritical

Okay let’s take a look at what does it mean to be a hypocrite or hypocrital? My interpretation of being a hypocrite is one that holds people to a higher standard than themselves. Example saying that I hate drunks but secretly drink too much myself.

Mark 7:6 AMP

But He said to them, Excellently and truly [so that there will be no room for blame] did Isaiah prophesy of you, the pretenders and hypocrites, as it stands written: These people [constantly] honor Me with their lips, but their hearts hold off and are far distant from Me.

After reviewing that Scripture.. think hard .. tell the truth! Have you found yourself in this predicament? I think being a hypocrite is one of those things that we often overlook but I truly believe is very important.

Most people seem to find that it is very easy to focus on other people ..on the other person doing whatever it is that the other people has messed up or have missed. But that is drawing attention away from ourselves. Stating that the mirror which is God’s Word. If we look in it we will find out what we have missed. I will find out what I have been doing which is not pleasing to Him and hopefully will be moved to compassion. Then confession!

Yeah think we’ve had enough time to think about it. Have you been guilty of being a hypocrite?
If so pray with me…
Lord, please forgive me for placing standards on others that I myself have not been living up to..please forgive me and please reveal to me the areas that I need change..

NOW if you have never accepted Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior..Pray these words-Lord save me for I have sinned. Forgive me and give me your precious Holy spirit..Thank you!

Tell someone about your conversion..email me at coyfeelatte@ gmail.com

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 Hey guys,

We are talking about Dwight. He is known as superman but his last season looks like he has come in contact with Kryptonite. Read below what one columnist had to say about him.



Searching for Dwight Howard

The uncertain destiny of the self-proclaimed Superman can be broken down into 10 simple realities

By Bill Simmons on May 24, 2013

You know where this is headed. Unless Patrick Beverley comes flying out of the stands to take out LeBron James or Tony Parker, we’re getting a history-altering Heat-Spurs showdown. Can Miami finish off one of the greatest basketball seasons ever played? Can the Spurs win their fifth title while breaking the record for “Most times a fan base irrationally claimed that everyone hated them”? Will LeBron officially join the “Greatest Player Ever” conversation? Will Tim Duncan officially hijack “Best Player of His Generation” status from Kobe Bryant? Will Gregg Popovich forge his way onto the NBA Coaching Mount Rushmore? Will Chris Andersen break the record for most casual viewers who said the words, “My God, look at those tattoos!”

It would be a Finals teeming with story lines — including another 12 good ones that I left out — and if there’s anything that sucks right now about the playoffs, it’s next round’s inevitability after just three Round 3 games. Pacers fans will spend the summer muttering, “Why did he take Hibbert out?” Grizzlies fans will spend the summer muttering, “I don’t mind that we traded Rudy Gay, but jeez, couldn’t we have gotten a little more?” And that will be that.1

So screw it, let’s dive into the most polarizing NBA topic in years: the Dwight HowardSweepstakes, a worthy successor to Bachelor Pad as 2013’s most unpredictable summer series. Here’s a text exchange I had with someone who works for one of the 30 NBA franchises. I thought it summed everything up.

Him: “U writing about Dwight soon?”

Me: “Think so. Would u go near him?”

Him: “FUCK NO.”

Me: “What if he wanted to sign with u?”

Him: “Maybe.”

Me: “Maybe?”

Him: “I guess we’d have to.”



Heat vs. Pacers Game 3, NBA Playoffs 2013: Miami dominates Indiana 114-96 to take 2-1 series leadImage

The San Antonio Spurs look to close out the Western Conference Finals strong with a possible sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4, but will the Big Bad Blue Bears play better with their backs to the wall?Image

Who are you cheering for? What is your opinion on the 4 fabulous teams left fighting for the NBA championship. As most of you know, I have been a Laker’s fan for most of my life.  I fell in love with the Lakers long ago. You know before they were making millions to dribble down the court.  Before Kobe was a household name..Needless to say, it may be years before we seen another championship.Image

Let’s look at what going on with the Pacers and the Heat.  I honestly think it’s still anybody’s game in the East.  If the Pacers want it bad enough they could fight back and take this thing to the next level. I know Heat fans, I know.  But there is somethng deep inside that urges me to cheer for the underdog.. So we will watch and see what the Pacers are made of!!!

Over in the west, not so much hope there.. the Grizzlies will have to push hard and keep the ball out of the had of the Spurs.. I still like to cheer for the underdog so let’s cheer for the Grizzlies.. I might add that I am blogging out of the beautiful state of Florida with some of the countries most beautiful beaches so I guess I should be cheering for the Miami Heat.. Well maybe but I honestly am not found of Lebon James (King James as he is known).

I remember when he decided to leave Cleveland for a ring.  I understand the thought of wanting to succeed but I wondered what of loyalty. What of carving a success out of what others were calling nothing.. Well don’t shoot me, it’s just my personal opinion. So now that I have spoken it back to the games…

Here is the line up for the Grizzlies and the Spurs..




PG: Tony Parker
SG: Danny Green
SF: Kawhi Leonard
PF: Tim Duncan
C: Tiago Splitter

Key Bench Players
Manu Ginobili
Boris Diaw
Cory Joseph

Head Coach
Gregg Popovich



PG: Mike Conley
SG: Tony Allen
SF: Tayshaun Prince
PF: Zach Randolph
C: Marc Gasol

Key Bench Players
Jerryd Bayless
Quincy Pondexter
Darrell Arthur

Head Coach

Lionel Hollins




Imageillusions  plural of il·lu·sion (Noun)


  1. A false idea or belief: “he had no illusions about her”.

  2. A deceptive appearance or impression: “the illusion of togetherness”.

Hello Folks,

Take note of the definition listed above.  I have been in an avalanche of attacks from the enemy.  I found myself complaining and panicking but then a silence came and I heard the Spirit of the Living God speak… SHHHSH!! 

I have to be honest I was still fearful. I was scared because it would seem like after everything was said about me..my funds began to dry up.  My church family would call or text and say how are you.  I wanted to say-starving, afraid, penniless, and the like. I didn’t though. Oh, I know what you are thinking..I am full of pride.  Really, I am not.  I was ashamed after the breakup..the things that he said about me.  They looked like they were true so I just found myself being pressed into a fetal position.

Those that are close to me begin to speak life to me.  I found myself shaking but stepping out of the shadows of shame.  I decided that the life I live will out live every lie..so I began to fast and decree the word of the LORD.. 

Now He has assured me it was just an ILLUSION. Remember the definition of illusion-

A deceptive appearance or impression

-Deceptive appearance or impression- who deceives? That’s right the enemy-the great deceiver.. Well, just as God toldme things are getting better. He(that guy) has stopped talking or posting comments about my blogs. Monies are coming in slowly and my mother’s health is improving.

First let me tell you that my younger sister did not call me but my daughter.. this caused pain and anger. But I knew that mom’s life was more important that how I felt. so I pressed in to find the strength put my own feelings out of the way.

Mom was on life support.. I sought God for the extension of time. I thanked God for giving her more years like he did King Hezekiah..This was prayed Sunday morning. Monday afternoon she began breathing on her own. She is still on oxygen but I truly believe God answered my prayer. Thank you JESUS!!! Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you.

My younger sister who would not talk to me and gave everyone the impression that I did not love my mother, started talking to me.  I let my guard down and the next day she called the security to have me thrown out of my mother’s room.

My aunt came to be the referee but I just left and struggled with visiting her that evening. I prayed and mustered the courage to visit the next day. My sister was not there. God will do what he said he will do.. which have his vengeance on those who touch his anointed or do his prophets harm. So I wait on him for justice..

The point to be made is it is an ILLUSION.. IT WAS DONE TO DECEIVE!!




!!!!!!!!!FIGHT * FIGHT * FIGHT!!!!!!


ImageHello Folks,

I wanna discuss something that is long over due. We spend so much time feeling sorry for ourselves.  I mean really accepting the victim’s role. Allowing whatever wrong done to us to really pull us down.  I know about this much to well.  I have recently experienced something that has rocked my faith in GOD and also my trust in mankind.  I have been crying, screaming, and feeling sorry for myself. 


I have decided to get up an live everyday..I mean live..I do not need permission from anyone.  I really don’t care what anyone else says or how they see me.. Why don’t I? Well, none of these judgmental people have a heaven or hell to place my soul in for eternity.  That being said..




I know they were talking about you at church..pretending to care but just trying to get more information. They just wanted to have something to gossip about. I know they were spreading your misfortune at work-acting like they care that your spouse was unfaithful..I know they talk about the way you dress or the way you wear your hair. I know they lied to get you to give money and they have never paid you back.  Believe me as I type this, I hear it all..So your past is spotty, you have been in prison before..no one will hire you..Your father is not, or was not there for you..O yes, they were talking about the money that you don’t have..laughing about you behind your back..

No one will hire you..start your own business..your father isn’t there..be a great mom or dad when given the chance..they are talking about you..their life is a mess-that’s why they have time to keep up with your life..the people at the church seem fake..they are..the church is made for misfits..they just don’t know -that you know -that they are misfits..they tricked you into giving them money..God said the we would be the lender and not the borrower..REJOICE!!!

You feel like the victim (hmmm)-that’s what he(Satan) wants you feel like ..the victim. He wants you to feel powerless over your life. Over the choices you make or have made.

He is A LIAR!!

You have complete control. Those who are talking about you..look at them NOW and laugh at them. hmm-I don’t hear you laughing..still not laughing..Do I need to start telling jokes.. Did you not read the book..Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!!!

 Take the energy that they are using to try to stop you and turn it around and use it to propel yourself into-what-


Will it be easy? Of course not..Anything worth having is worth fighting for!! 

My word to you


in the words of the Street Fighters…

Coyfee OUT!!



LETTING GO !!!?!!?!!!?!!!


!!!!LETTING GO!!!!!

Hello Guys,

I want to talk about a real place in time.. what is it? Moving on.. Letting go.. Arriving.  We will start with moving on.  I was reminded that no matter what a person does to you ..you can not move on until a decision is made to do so.

I have made this decision, I am moving on. I will not focus on the past but embrace my future.  Though sometimes my future looks bleak..I am remind that God’s word says that he has a plan for success not failure planned for me and for you..

I will allow the memories, which are not all bad, will become just a memory.  My future can changed be by me based on my choices and what I believe. I have decided to change the focus and let go!!!

Ways to move on

  1. Exhale
  2. Breathe deep
  3. Forgive him/her/them
  4. Accept the fact that God will take Vengeance on whomever hurt you
  5. Walk it Out!!

So let’s start with Letting GO

Coyfee out..

Thanks to all who read my blog daily…Thank you





Hello Folks,

I was recently challenged to forgive someone who hurt me deeply.  I honestly did not want to forgive this person.  I honestly wanted this person to be tied to a stake and burned slowly. However, the Spirit of God, which stills hovers within me..say NO..FORGIVE-VENGEANCE is MINE!!

I told the person that I will forgive them because I want to remain in right fellowship with GOD. If it were left up to me I would still be trying to tie them up and set the stake on fire.. Tell the truth do you any of you feel this way? Have any of you ever wanted to just smash the hand of the person that stole from you or cut out the tongue of someone that lied on you?? Tell the truth.. I know some of you have felt this way..

So I must be honest and say that as I move forward the devil continually tries to lasso me with pain and bitterness…pulling me backward to that place deep within the abyss.  I will pray and fast if I must to break free because this evil one is not worthy of all the energy needed to remain bitter.

There are such better things to do with all the newly found energy I have from working out..






Hello Folks,

I decided that since I had to miss my workout today that I would write a bit.  I was wondering what we could discuss. Hmmm…I was thinking about how we handle it when something we were planning doesn’t happen the way we planned. Examples of this are listed below:


This is one of the most difficult things that we plan and if it does not happen as we have planned.. it is devastating.  Many women who experience this type of loss never forget.  The fear of loosing another baby is unbearable.  Let us pray for those of us who have had to live with this type of loss.  Father, thank you healing our broken hearts and for adding life to our lives again.  Thank you Lord that though there was mourning you will turn it into dancing.. Amen..


When one dies, we have been praying and praying and praying. They get better and then the worst thing ever happens. What? They die.  They leave us after we have prayed and just know that they will not.  I can not say much on this topic because as a child, my grannie died.  I was 10 years old and yes..I prayed and was sure that she would live even though she told me she would not.  She was ready to meet the Lord.  I wanted her to stay with me and well, she left.  She died and I was crushed.  My grannie who I called ‘Gran Mo’ was gone to be with the Lord.  She taught me how to bake biscuits and how to cook cakes.  How to shell peas and snap beans. She was my hero and my champion..and she was sick and did not want to live any longer. She left and I was left in the world without her..Oh my God, the memory of it all …it seems like yesterday.  I will stop discussing this topic now….



You have been dating for awhile, and everyone says you two look great together.  You start to believe it..then he pops the question.  You start planning the wedding and buying stuff.  You announce it to your friends and then the worst thing happens..he breaks the engagements off. Leaves you..or does something that you can’t forgive..or well you think you can’t.  

We will continue with other things that cause us to think that God is wrong or that he must made a mistake..However, please remember that no matter how painful the loss is..we can heal and rise again..

Coyfee signing off for now..