Recently some monies were stolen from me by someone that I know.  Well after lots of debating with myself, I chose to file charges.  I spoke with the Leon County Sheriff’s officer on several occasions.  Finally he(Sheriff’s deputy) was preparing  the case to present to the State Attorney’s office.   I was so happy, almost elated.  

However, the State Attorney’s prosecutors chose not to prosecute.  Why? Well, I had that same question. The answer my case lacked jury appeal. Was he guilty? Yes…Did the State Attorney’s Office believe the case had probable cause? Yes.. So why is he being allow to keep the monies why no recourse?

Great question..I am still trying to figure this all out.. I have an email from one of the more experienced prosecutors.. in her own words.. read below:

Good morning Ms. Cuzzort,
I am a bit confused regarding the phone I just received.  An officer just informed that though there is probable cause my case against Mr. Shaw does not have jury appeal. If you agreed that Mr. Shaw had in fact broken the law by using my funds to pay for his cable, insurance, apartment, and other things.
Please elaborate for me on the statue that was used to bring you to this decision? I am extremely interested to know how someone can take money from another and be allowed to go free without any issue at all.
>>> “Erin Cuzzort”  5/22/2013 10:41 AM >>>
Hello Ms. Washington, <=Coyfee
I am not sure what was told to you on the phone by Detective.  However, I can tell the process that was followed.  Per the required procedure, Detective Luce submitted a probable cause to the State Attorney’s Office to be reviewed.  I reviewed it, asked him for further information and discussed the case with him.  I then reviewed the probable cause again and have had two other Assistant State Attorneys also give me their input on the case.  It is my conclusion that while there is probable cause, we do not think that there is a reasonable likelihood that we can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury.  Therefore, I denied the probable cause.
Erin Cuzzort
Assistant State Attorney
The above statement shows that if a criminal can commit the type of crime that does not have jury appeal, he will no doubt not be prosecuted.  I had no idea that prosecutor’s chose to try cases based on if they could win or not.  
Interesting Fact..Florida tax dollars at work…



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