long distance love

Topic for today is Long Distance Love.. Can long distance love survive? So I took the web to chat with some of my male friends to see what they think about long distance love..

Response from Mr. T

“If two people really want each other they have to be totally focused its easier to be distracted when u hardly see your partner”

Read below to see what Mr. Anderson had to say about this topic..

Mr.Anderson Hello Ms.Coyfee! I would have to say it can work….but communication is VERY important! If you really want things to work they can…..and patience and understanding are also important.

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3 comments on “HOW A MAN SEE’S IT — DATING

  1. I would have to agree. I believe if two people are truely..truely open and understanding about what they are getting into and both can see the future(as in, one day they will be together in the long run), It can definetly work. But once a person allow that distant to become an issue(talking from experience), It will never work. Communication is a key factor, but patience…lol that is what seals the deal.

    • Thank you Devandre. I must agree at first the distance is just a small barrier but over time it grows to become an impossible blockade that separate the two. Time becomes torture and others seem like the more viable choice.

  2. I do think long distance relationships can work but only for a certain amount of time because I don’t care how much patience and love you have for the other person Satan has a way of tempting you over and over again and he knows what you like and he will send what you like over and over until he wears you down and at that point is when everything falls apart because we all have needs or wants and if they are not fulfilled for a long period of time that can cause problems for da people in the relationship so even though I do think a long distance relationship can last but not for a very long time.

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