Imageillusions  plural of il·lu·sion (Noun)


  1. A false idea or belief: “he had no illusions about her”.

  2. A deceptive appearance or impression: “the illusion of togetherness”.

Hello Folks,

Take note of the definition listed above.  I have been in an avalanche of attacks from the enemy.  I found myself complaining and panicking but then a silence came and I heard the Spirit of the Living God speak… SHHHSH!! 

I have to be honest I was still fearful. I was scared because it would seem like after everything was said about funds began to dry up.  My church family would call or text and say how are you.  I wanted to say-starving, afraid, penniless, and the like. I didn’t though. Oh, I know what you are thinking..I am full of pride.  Really, I am not.  I was ashamed after the breakup..the things that he said about me.  They looked like they were true so I just found myself being pressed into a fetal position.

Those that are close to me begin to speak life to me.  I found myself shaking but stepping out of the shadows of shame.  I decided that the life I live will out live every I began to fast and decree the word of the LORD.. 

Now He has assured me it was just an ILLUSION. Remember the definition of illusion-

A deceptive appearance or impression

-Deceptive appearance or impression- who deceives? That’s right the enemy-the great deceiver.. Well, just as God toldme things are getting better. He(that guy) has stopped talking or posting comments about my blogs. Monies are coming in slowly and my mother’s health is improving.

First let me tell you that my younger sister did not call me but my daughter.. this caused pain and anger. But I knew that mom’s life was more important that how I felt. so I pressed in to find the strength put my own feelings out of the way.

Mom was on life support.. I sought God for the extension of time. I thanked God for giving her more years like he did King Hezekiah..This was prayed Sunday morning. Monday afternoon she began breathing on her own. She is still on oxygen but I truly believe God answered my prayer. Thank you JESUS!!! Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you.

My younger sister who would not talk to me and gave everyone the impression that I did not love my mother, started talking to me.  I let my guard down and the next day she called the security to have me thrown out of my mother’s room.

My aunt came to be the referee but I just left and struggled with visiting her that evening. I prayed and mustered the courage to visit the next day. My sister was not there. God will do what he said he will do.. which have his vengeance on those who touch his anointed or do his prophets harm. So I wait on him for justice..

The point to be made is it is an ILLUSION.. IT WAS DONE TO DECEIVE!!