LETTING GO !!!?!!?!!!?!!!


!!!!LETTING GO!!!!!

Hello Guys,

I want to talk about a real place in time.. what is it? Moving on.. Letting go.. Arriving.  We will start with moving on.  I was reminded that no matter what a person does to you ..you can not move on until a decision is made to do so.

I have made this decision, I am moving on. I will not focus on the past but embrace my future.  Though sometimes my future looks bleak..I am remind that God’s word says that he has a plan for success not failure planned for me and for you..

I will allow the memories, which are not all bad, will become just a memory.  My future can changed be by me based on my choices and what I believe. I have decided to change the focus and let go!!!

Ways to move on

  1. Exhale
  2. Breathe deep
  3. Forgive him/her/them
  4. Accept the fact that God will take Vengeance on whomever hurt you
  5. Walk it Out!!

So let’s start with Letting GO

Coyfee out..

Thanks to all who read my blog daily…Thank you





I must admit that I am a people watcher. I gain great entertainment at watching others when they haven’t a clue that they are being watched. My children get a kick at me watching others. We used to take turns profiling folks to see if we were right. Most times we were.

Once I noticed a strange looking couple, I thought that they were cheating on there spouses. Not sure while I felt that way but the spirit of discernment just impressed me that they were definitely cheating.  While we watching this unusual couple we decided to grab a bite to eat. So we are having lunch and  woman came up and made a huge scene. What was wrong with her?  she had noticed that her husband was not answering his phone. So she dropped by his store and guess what he wasn’t there. On her way to grab a bite to eat she had caught him with the woman that had caught my attention.  Score one for Coyfee.. You know I wondered why he was cheating, the lady was quite attractive and from the words she chose during the yelling match quite intelligent. A part of me wanted to ask him why he was risking it all for another when she seemed pretty enough..intelligent..enough??

Why do we do the things that we do? What is reason why we lie, steal, cheat, or even stay when things are bad. I remember receiving some thoughts from the Lord, regarding motives. The motive is more important that the actual offense. Lying to someone is bad but lying because you do not want to be held accountable for your actions is a major wrong.  

Example: Jo has been stealing from the  register at work for months. He lies on another employee to cover his lack of honesty. The other employee gets put on probation because of the lie. 

Example 2 Jo has been stealing from the cash register and is caught. He tells the truth-his mother medication is very expensive and he can not afford it-so he stole the money for the medicine. The manager is angry but compassionate. He places Jo on probation and Jo learns a good lesson, which is stealing is wrong.

Which is better? Well of course most will say that Example 2 is better but both are wrong. It is never right to take something that does not belong to you-for any reason… EVER!!

Correct way to handle-Jo schedules a meeting with the manager and ask for a raise to address the new obligation that he has. The manager is moved and tries very hard to give Jo a small raise and more hours..

Why are you doing what you do? Did you lie to your boss about why you were late? Did you cheat on your husband, boyfriend, wife, or girlfriend? Did you take something that was not yours? What have you been doing and why??

Check you motives?