!!!!!!!!!FIGHT * FIGHT * FIGHT!!!!!!


ImageHello Folks,

I wanna discuss something that is long over due. We spend so much time feeling sorry for ourselves.  I mean really accepting the victim’s role. Allowing whatever wrong done to us to really pull us down.  I know about this much to well.  I have recently experienced something that has rocked my faith in GOD and also my trust in mankind.  I have been crying, screaming, and feeling sorry for myself. 


I have decided to get up an live everyday..I mean live..I do not need permission from anyone.  I really don’t care what anyone else says or how they see me.. Why don’t I? Well, none of these judgmental people have a heaven or hell to place my soul in for eternity.  That being said..




I know they were talking about you at church..pretending to care but just trying to get more information. They just wanted to have something to gossip about. I know they were spreading your misfortune at work-acting like they care that your spouse was unfaithful..I know they talk about the way you dress or the way you wear your hair. I know they lied to get you to give money and they have never paid you back.  Believe me as I type this, I hear it all..So your past is spotty, you have been in prison before..no one will hire you..Your father is not, or was not there for you..O yes, they were talking about the money that you don’t have..laughing about you behind your back..

No one will hire you..start your own business..your father isn’t there..be a great mom or dad when given the chance..they are talking about you..their life is a mess-that’s why they have time to keep up with your life..the people at the church seem fake..they are..the church is made for misfits..they just don’t know -that you know -that they are misfits..they tricked you into giving them money..God said the we would be the lender and not the borrower..REJOICE!!!

You feel like the victim (hmmm)-that’s what he(Satan) wants you feel like ..the victim. He wants you to feel powerless over your life. Over the choices you make or have made.

He is A LIAR!!

You have complete control. Those who are talking about you..look at them NOW and laugh at them. hmm-I don’t hear you laughing..still not laughing..Do I need to start telling jokes.. Did you not read the book..Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!!!

 Take the energy that they are using to try to stop you and turn it around and use it to propel yourself into-what-


Will it be easy? Of course not..Anything worth having is worth fighting for!! 

My word to you


in the words of the Street Fighters…

Coyfee OUT!!







Well guys how are you? I am doing 100% better.  I know many of you have noticed that I have been off the scene for a bit.  So much has happened, but as you know my life is a looking glass..so I will just fill you in.

Some of you may have read the blog post about possible marriage..well that was a thing of the past. An all out lie..if I will. The person who I thought I was marrying was a thief, a liar and not at all who I thought he was. I will share in greater detail later, after the accounts have been settled. 

Soooo, I have taken the time to bask in self pity and now I am back on it again. Yes after years of battling with the idea of marriage..I finally decide to fall into the abyss of eternal connection and it was with the wrong person.  

However, life has a way of birthing something really good out of the ashes of pain and deceit.  He has been a delightful friend and maybe he will become more..Did I move to fast..I honestly don’t think so.  Life awaits for no man..no woman ..no child..

Many times we can not see the tree for the forest.  We will talk about that later.. smile

I have moved also.  A new apartment, a new me..

I have changed my hair color..tell me what you think?Image

My weight loss is coming alone quite well..I weighed in at 259 lbs. I am happy to report that I now weigh 238 lbs.. YEAH!!! Coyfee is getting slim..

So I just wanted to take a minute before the gym to say that I have missed you and can’t wait to get back on track. 

I would love to personalize the blog..Please send me your topics of interest, let’s make 2013  our best year yet…

Coyfee is signing out!!!