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ImageHello Folks,

I wanna discuss something that is long over due. We spend so much time feeling sorry for ourselves.  I mean really accepting the victim’s role. Allowing whatever wrong done to us to really pull us down.  I know about this much to well.  I have recently experienced something that has rocked my faith in GOD and also my trust in mankind.  I have been crying, screaming, and feeling sorry for myself. 


I have decided to get up an live everyday..I mean live..I do not need permission from anyone.  I really don’t care what anyone else says or how they see me.. Why don’t I? Well, none of these judgmental people have a heaven or hell to place my soul in for eternity.  That being said..




I know they were talking about you at church..pretending to care but just trying to get more information. They just wanted to have something to gossip about. I know they were spreading your misfortune at work-acting like they care that your spouse was unfaithful..I know they talk about the way you dress or the way you wear your hair. I know they lied to get you to give money and they have never paid you back.  Believe me as I type this, I hear it all..So your past is spotty, you have been in prison before..no one will hire you..Your father is not, or was not there for you..O yes, they were talking about the money that you don’t have..laughing about you behind your back..

No one will hire you..start your own business..your father isn’t there..be a great mom or dad when given the chance..they are talking about you..their life is a mess-that’s why they have time to keep up with your life..the people at the church seem fake..they are..the church is made for misfits..they just don’t know -that you know -that they are misfits..they tricked you into giving them money..God said the we would be the lender and not the borrower..REJOICE!!!

You feel like the victim (hmmm)-that’s what he(Satan) wants you feel like ..the victim. He wants you to feel powerless over your life. Over the choices you make or have made.

He is A LIAR!!

You have complete control. Those who are talking about you..look at them NOW and laugh at them. hmm-I don’t hear you laughing..still not laughing..Do I need to start telling jokes.. Did you not read the book..Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!!!

 Take the energy that they are using to try to stop you and turn it around and use it to propel yourself into-what-


Will it be easy? Of course not..Anything worth having is worth fighting for!! 

My word to you


in the words of the Street Fighters…

Coyfee OUT!!




The Spirit of Rejection-Victory-recap from conversationswitcoyfee

swordofspiritThe Spirit of Rejection-Victory

SHALOM, which is peace to you..I hope the studies on the Spirit of Rejection have increased your awareness of this particular spirit. The havoc it can and will cause in unsuspecting persons is real. They drag thru life never being able to be happy or content. Never being able to reach what they call success. They embark on ventures alone. The lies that have been intertwined into their souls seem to them to be the truth. No one can convince them that they are loved or comforted. They wear the loneliness as a badge of honor. However, for most of us it has become a covering of shame.

It is our desire to assist you in identifying the symptoms and understanding the origin of the dreadful presence in the lives of people we know. In some cases even weaving that spirit of lies into the fabric of our being. We live our lives alone and afraid. Wanting to be held and loved..wanting to hold and love..but fearful of the outcome..not wanting to be shunned or questioned. Never wanting to disrespected in anyway..so we get dressed everyday for work or school and we place that covering of shame over us. Hoping that no one can see the pain that dripping from our souls. The way we snap back at unsuspecting souls that really do not intent to hurt us. We are cold and unfeeling to everyone because the spirit of rejection whispers that to us “they are laughing at you, they don’t respect you, they think your stupid..”. After we hear that in our souls (psyche) we believe it. Across the hall, a group of people are laughing and immediately you think that they are laughing at you. The truth is that these people have not even noticed you but deep down inside; you believe the lie of the enemy. The accuser of the brethren..the Father of  lies..Satan

So now, the Spirit of Rejection has been exposed. What’s next? How do you begin to take back your life and prepare to embrace the gentle wooing of the Savior. The total absolute healing and restoral of the Spirit Of Adoption. I would like to share some exerts of a couple of articles I ran across while researching this topic. The below exert is from Touched by Grace. Ron Wood is the author of the below piece.

In the Bible, Romans chapter eight speaks of God‚s antidote to the spirit of rejection. This cure comes from our Heavenly Father, through the grace of our Lord Jesus, and is born witness to by the Holy Spirit. It is called the spirit of adoption. This is the Holy Spirit telling them that are hurting who blamed God , that he loves them. This resentment keeps them from feeling God‚s love. Their image of God is wrong so they refuse to accept Him. God‚s grace offers us pardon even while we are angry and sinning. God knows we need to be healed of the consequences of our sins and the injuries of sins committed against us by others, even our parents. The Spirit of Adoption comes from heaven‚s throne. It can also be mediated by unconditional acceptance through other Christians. When we accept one another in Christ, relationships in Christ‚s body are formed. The Holy Spirit connects us together and affirms our self-worth. We are empowered to appreciate each other.

God‚s merciful provision for our healing comes by Christ‚s atonement on the cross. It is made real and effective in our lives when we confess our sins and receive His forgiveness. Then the Holy Spirit comes into our heart and testifies that we have become God‚s child. He does this by bearing witness in ouholy_spirit_descending_280r spirit that we are adopted by God. This is the spirit of adoption.

The spirit of adoption goes beyond believing that God loves us; it is the actual felt love of God, so that we are enabled to know that God loves us. It ends loneliness, literally forever!

This marvelous work of affirming who we are in Christ is the work of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. He only bears witness to what is true. He testifies in our spirit that we are truly loved by God. The Holy Spirit uses the Scriptures as well as the affirming voice of God to tell us the truth about ourselves. God‚s voice will cause us to know God‚s thoughts toward us. Those thoughts, always in agreement with the Scriptures, will reprove us of our sin and will affirm us as His children, but will never condemn us or drive us away. God will always tell us the truth in a merciful way. Our response is to believe what God says. Believing the truth about what Jesus did for us and believing the truth about who we are in Christ sets us free. We need to believe both aspects of the truthˆ about Jesus and about ourselves.

The truth is, God likes us! His love toward us is tremendous. He wants us to really know Him and He wants to dwell in our hearts. God wants us to have fellowship with Him without condemnation. He accepts us into His family by virtue of Christ‚s work on the cross. He gives us a new identity as His sons and daughters.

Unlike some earthly fathers who failed us, our Heavenly Father will never abandon us. He will not cast away His children. God maintains a relationship with His offspring so that we need never fear being rejected by Him. His love is steadfast. It is covenant love.

I would also like to share another exert from an article that I found interesting. This article is written by Chris Hayward.

According to Hayward, the four “walls” of rejection are:

Rejection of God: God says in His word that we are His children, that we are made in His image – beautiful. Anytime we think less of ourselves than this, we are, in effect, rejecting His word, and by connection, Him.

Fear of Rejection: We want everyone to like us. But, at the same time, we tend to sabotage our relationships. We don’t keep in touch like we should. We get close to someone and then pull back. Could it be that we are afraid of losing them at some point? Is it that, maybe, by being in control of when the relationship ends, we won’t feel rejected because we are doing the rejecting? It’s a vicious cycle – we try to run from relationships because we don’t want to risk being hurt – but in doing so, we feel more rejection, and so the next time we have the chance to enter a relationship, we withdraw further, adding more perceived rejection. It’s hard to trust people when we are caught up in a cycle of rejection – always wondering when they will end up not liking us for whatever reason. So often, it feels like it is easier to not even get involved.

Self-Rejection: Have you ever watched Sesame Street when they had the “One of these things just doesn’t belong here, One of these things just isn’t the same” segments – a group of things where 3 are similar, but 1 item is really different? When dealing with rejection, we can feel like the thing that wasn’t the same – out of place. But, to think that the first sacrifice ever (Gen. 3:21) was made so that Adam and Eve could have a permanent covering for their “shame” reminds us that Jesus’ sacrifice covers us from our hopelessness, worthlessness and worse.

Rejection of Others: A lot of people have hurt us over the years – some intentionally, some not. It’s hard to let go of that hurt. We have to remember that forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. We may not feel like hugging the people that hurt us, but we can still choose to forgive them. In forgiving, we release our pain, leaving it at the feet of our Father. We ask God to come and fill the hollow places left when we release the pain, and we ask Him to bless those who have hurt or offended us. We do this so that we can stand before our Father and receive the forgiveness He offers to us (Matt.6:14-15). We may not feel like we have forgiven, but in that moment, we receive our freedom in Christ from the bitterness that once bound us.

Father, I want to know you as “Daddy.” I’ve had glimpses of it…seen it from a distance, but I want to know it in my heart…I’m sorry that I’ve rejected you. Forgive me for not really truly believing and living in your love. I repent of my pride, stubbornness and self-will…I reject and renounce the spirit of rejection that has seemingly overcome me. Help me to live in the promise that You have overcome the world and all that is in and of it. I refuse to accept this feeling of rejection any longer. I break any connection and all agreement with this spirit – any generational binds and ties, I break those as well…It is only through Your authority, power and sacrifice- that I break down these walls of rejection in Jesus’ name!

The above prayer is an example of how to pray effectively for deliverance of this dreadful spirit. Please note that after the spirit is gone, the influence will remain for a season. Your thought pattern will need to be changed. Please study the word of God thoroughly and allow the Spirit of Adoption to speak truth to your life.